Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recommended Reading-"Pure Skin"

"Pure Skin -Organic Beauty Basics" by Barbara Close, is a beauty text book worth reading and keeping around for later reference. Ms. Close authored two other books and is the founder and president of a holistic spa in East Hampton, NY. If she's good enough for East Hampton, she's good enough for me. Who am I kidding? I would take advice from the stylish gamines who live above me. I digress. "Pure Skin" has a wealth of information for all skin types and is presented in simple, easy to understand categories. The essential oil information is especially interesting and informative. Thankfully there are some magic potions for all of us amateur scientists out there (more like habitual guinea pigs). You'll find recipes for body scrubs, hair conditioning treatments, facial toners and several other inspiring ideas for spending an otherwise wasted Saturday afternoon. I was also pleased with the accessibility of the suggested ingredients. Many times organic beauty supplies either cost more than rent or require a scavenger hunt through a crowded health store. I have found myself being forced to ask an all too natural sales lady for ingredients I can't pronounce. As she looks me up and down, notices my product saturated hair and freshly shaved legs, I get the sense that she doesn't want to help me, as I am clearly not the ideal candidate for non-refined wheat germ oil. On the contrary, these ingredients are all fairly recognizable and easy to find. Though steamy bubble bath literature it is not, this book is practical and may help with some of those pesky skin issues we all have.

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