Monday, September 21, 2009

It's always better to look good than to follow the trends. Usually we can take parts of a trend and make it flattering. For example, the trend on the street is skinny jeans, a tunic stretched down to the bum, and ballet flats. Unless you are blessed enough to be long and lean, this is not a good look for you- I know I wouldn't try it. A tunic style shirt pulled down to the bum simply elongates the torso and shortens the leg. Legs are equally unflattered by flats. This is double duty bad news for your sillouette. Tunics pulled down too far also widen the hips. Although we want to accentuate our curves, we do not want to make them bigger! If you have fallen victim to tunics, flats and skinny jeans, there are ways to salvage your purcheses. Reserve your flats for casual shifts and tights. Pair the tunics with strait leg jeans or trousers and arrange the hem to fall a few inches from your natural waist. Rock those skinny jeans with stilettos or boots paired with a short-waisted jacket.

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