Monday, September 28, 2009

Oktoberfest not Festive

As I am somewhat of a festival junkie, I was looking forward to this year's Oktoberfest. I had visions of German costumes, booths filled with quaint little things, and of course the "bier". I was annoyed as my better half immediately expressed disappointment with the event. He rarely waits 5 minutes before offering "constructive criticism". I, however, try to see the fun in any event. Sadly, I was forced to concede to the better half within 5 minutes. This is precisely how long it took us to tour the entire event with two stages at each end. One stage, a small band was performing polka (cool), the other was hosting some sort of chicken dance competition (not so cool). As I searched for a destination, my fantasy bubble was rapidly deflating. To be exact, I saw 2 stages, 2 bier tents, 1 jaggermeister tent, 1 brat tent, 1 blow-up ultimate fighting thing, and 1 "quaint little things" vendor. Hoping the entire afternoon would not be a flop, I sent better half to get bier, so I could survey our options and find something fun to do. Long story made short, this event is kid-friendly only if yours will stay in a stroller while you sit on a bench and throw back bier. In order to ensure a good time, you will need good friends and a sitter. This is a great venue to bring some buddies, sit outside and shoot the breeze while you shoot Jaggermeister and bier. If you like the community pub feel, bring close friends and leave the kiddos at home. I'll be there next year, minus the underage Larson. See you there!


  1. Hi, Sasha! We had the exact same experience at Oktoberfest two years ago! So disappointing. Ryley didn't "get it" at all, and all that came out of our experience was a couple of yummy bratwursts. Not really a family event. Ryley does like the Chicken Dance, though. :-)