Friday, September 25, 2009

Bar Review- Jing/ Greenwood Village

I met some old friends at Jing on a Friday night. As the 10pm happy hour approached, the bar area was jam packed and hoppin'. Jing's first impression was glamorous and up scale with a beautifully decorated bar and crystal chandeliers. Lackluster service, however, soured me completely on what could have been a great evening. We waited 15 minutes for each round of drinks! The loud music definetely gave it a club feel, yet the seating was far too nuclear and was not conducive to meeting new people or conversation with the gals. If you're in the mood to sit alone and people watch, this might be the place for you, but be prepared to not speak to a single soul, not even the waitstaff! Jing is located in the Tech Center if you want to try your luck, but if you've been wanting a fun night out with some atmosphere, I'd look elswhere.

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