Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emmy Fashion Woes

I've simply got to weigh in on the many fashion woes and very few wows at this year's Emmy Awards. The parade of boring prom dresses was occasionally interrupted by something noteworthy. The so called "fashion police" would have been well advised to arrest Stacy Haiduk for bringing a prop cat along with her and carrying it like a purse. Huh? This was by far more bizarre than Bjork's controversial swan getup. Rachael Ray, apparently dresses for the red carpet with about as much spice as mac & cheese. I was literally frightened by Olivia Wilde and Brenda Dickson. Definitely, though, the most disastrous dress was a tie between Rachel Zeskind and Ashley Jones. Nevertheless, there were a few who dressed appropriately and rocked it. Karla Mosley, Sharon Case, Christina Perez, Julie Pinson and Victoria Rowell were among the best of the "daytime divas". Last but not least, between the two noteable pregnant beauties in attendance, Heidi Klum and Marcy Rylan, Marcy takes the cake. While I love Heidi, I hated being pregnant. Seeing the exact size and shape of her belly, brought it all back. Marcy, however was feminine, sexy and tasteful, while not making me afraid she would give birth on the red carpet. Am I wrong for not loving the torpedo belly?

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  1. Torpedo belly? Ha! That's one I've never heard. And no, I don't think you're wrong for not loving it. Cool blog, sis!