Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ball Park Lights

What is that feeling I experience when I drive by a neighborhood ball field lighting up the night sky? Since I've never been an avid sports fan, this feeling catches me off guard and seems to light a corner of my soul. For a fleeting moment, all else fades away and I am captivated. Perhaps those lights are a beacon of sorts, of something untouched by greed, lust or power. Those lights illuminate raw innocence, though driven and competitive. Whether children or adults, those players' lives are for a short time uncomplicated and focused on something entirely superfluous- a game. I consider how refreshing it would be to forget about the pressing issues of life and channel all my energy into a game. I quickly remember, though, that I was usually one of the last children chosen for sports teams and with good reason. As I pass the ball park, realizing my thoughts and fantasies have come and gone in a single second, I am thankful for that moment- that fleeting moment that lit a corner of my soul. Until next time, my attention returns to stoplights and store fronts.

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  1. I also get this feeling and am in a similar quandry about it....only happens to me with baseball fields though.