Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paris Fashion Week

Of the many shows of Paris Fashion Week, there does seem to be a common thread. Spring 2010 will bring back the "Roaring 20's" with a modern bohemian twist. Next season will be feminine, sexy, colorful and flamboyant. So what does fashion week in Paris mean for us regular gals? This is absolutely the most perfect time to be shopping for spring and summer clothes! Before you bundle up and hit the clearance racks, spend a short time checking out the runway shows and get a solid idea of what you are looking for. We don't want to get a bunch of "great deals" that don't work together. I recommend going to Be sure to check out Valentino(A+), Collette Dinnigan(A), Giles Deacon(A-), John Galliano(B+), Hermes(B), and Elie Saab(B-). (Pay no attention to the living skeletons wearing the designs. I'm sure they have paramedics standing by to attend to anyone who keels over from mal-nutrition.) If you prefer the "cliff notes" version, here it is. Look for lightweight pencil skirts for the office and whimsical flapper style dresses for everything else. Keep your eyes peeled for loose, flowy fabric with light ruffling. Next spring's color palette will be made up of greys, charcoal, white, butter, melon and navy. After you've done your homework, hit the second hand stores and clearance racks. Above all, find things you like with flattering silhouettes that you may strut your stuff with style next season. Happy hunting!

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